Why Natural Gas is the Ultimate Solution

To the Editor:

This upcoming election is the most crucial in our history. I saw Romney’s five point plan I felt born again, halleluiah!

The first of his five point plan to restore the country was becoming energy independent.

He himself doesn’t realize the depth of those words. We could actually do it. The answer is natural gas, our future and salvation. With a presidential mandate we could become energy independent through the use of gas in less than a decade.

Retool the country’s delivery transport fleet to use LNG exclusively. Next convert all the trains from diesel/electric to LNG/electric as well.
This would create such an access for the rest of the petroleum distillate liquids to supply all other the price would drop by half. But we should convert all vehicles to use LNG with fuel injection as a liquid to operate private cars too.

At that point earmark 10-20% of the windfall savings to alternate fuel sources for the future, gas electric, fuel cells, windmills, ocean wave generators etc. LNG is the most abundant, cheapest, (in the US), and cleanest fuel we have ever had in such abundance.

What would this mean to the economy? It would creating jobs drilling and pipelining, and providing infrastructure to a state of near full employment. With all the infrastructure to promote entrepreneurial venture to prepare for our future.

But the $300 billion per year not leaving the country and instead staying in our economy and next door in Canada would take this nation to our rightful place as the world leader so we can really help the rest of the developing world.

The $300 billion injected into our economy and employment for anyone that wants to work would reel in the deficit in one election cycle. After full implementation it would provide five years of jobs! We could give our children and grandchildren’s future back to them debt free!

LNG, @96% methane emissions are 2 H2O and 1 CO2 that we could capture with ease. Use the CO2 concentration into agriculture growth that naturally produces pure O2. It sounds too simple but it is true and then we could spend our time actually fixing the tax code and social needs.

We should be the greatest nation and we should lead by example.
Our gas supply is that abundant! Energy independence and a cleaner planet! I owe this to my son.

G. L. Schaeffer
Baton Rouge, LA

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