Why We Need a Clinton-Gingrich Commission

To the Editor:American Flag on Laptop Keyboard

This letter should be really addressed to both Presidential Candidates.

I propose that immediately after the elections in November that the winning candidate ask President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich to form a committee of two statesmen to propose and recommend bipartisan legislation to solve our nation’s economic and fiscal problems that can be voted on and passed by the new Senate and Congress taking office in January 2013.

They probably would be best suited for this as they are both two of the most intelligent experienced politicians in our country, that are legislatively and government savvy-wise statesmen who have several major assets. For example:

1. They will not be running for office again.
2. They represent both ends of the political spectrum.
3. That they both worked together solving and passing legislative programs that balanced our national budget, lead this country to a national surplus and created the conditions for a rapidly expanded economy.
4. Both of them are sufficiently independently wealthy that they can be immune to the lobbying efforts of major big interests.
5. It would be ideal for both of them as they will rise to the level of true national statesmen who if successful in this task will secure their legacies in history, possibly far greater then when they were in their respective government positions.

It is understood that both of them will be politically supporting and campaigning for their respective political party’s candidates up to the election.

Lloyd M Abrahams CPA
Lake Grove NY

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