Can’t Understand Dallas Cowboys’ Mindset

To the Editor:
Cowboys vs. Giants game: 4th and less than a yard and they decide to go for it.
Thats OK because a punt would have put the ball on the Giants 20. What I don’t get is Garrett’s call and Tony`s lack of discretion.

The moment he saw the Giants stack the line of scrimmage just as they world on a goal line stand he should have called a time out and talked it over.

If you don’t think that the opponent is going to give it all he has to stop a run for the first down you are a dreamer. What I don’t understand is why not call a sweep or a short pass to the flat or even a naked bootleg. All of these options would probably have gotten a first down unlike what actually happened; stuffed at the line on 4th down.

Richard M.
Plano, TX

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