Democrats Showed How We Can Unite

To the Editor:
Hope is the journey going forward all working together. The Demcratic National Convention took over the foreign policy and the term exceptional ism by redefining those things.

Now when I hear we are exceptional I won’t cringe from the blatant hubris and naive bluster of the term. The Democrats yesterday successfully redefined the word with a way more palatable meaning…that we are exceptional only because of what we have accomplished together as one nation as Americans.

They reminded me yesterday what that meant, what I was brought up to believe as an American not a partisan. We are exceptional because we have a government that allows us to have a vehicle to do exceptional things together that we could never do on our own…that our government is for people, of people, by people, corporations are not people but a contract for maximizing profit above the needs of people.

We are only as good as our government, we are only exceptional with an exceptional government. Those countries that lack a good government by the people, for the people and of the people suffer from chaos, strife, violence, inequality with no hope of doing anything exceptional together as a people.

It is unpatriotic to compare our government to fascism, dictators or Nazis. It denigrates those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect what we have built together, started with the sacrifices of our forefathers.

Ayn Rand believed in selfish greed as a motivator and too many conservatives that claim To believe in the teachings of Jesus have accepted this doctrine as their truth and ideology. Until we get back to the American values we grew up believing in, and put trust back in the government we all have created for the purpose of that more perfect union then we will continue to fight, hate each other and ruin the best experiment in democracy the world has ever known.

Kathy Mae

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