How Ohio Penalizes Public Employees

To All Ohio Public Employees:
Are you aware of the Windfall Elimination Provision passed by Congress in the mid-1980s? This provision penalizes Ohio public employees who will be eligible to draw a pension from the State of Ohio and who have paid into Social Security through employment in the private sector.

Ohio is just one of a few states who have not seen fit to repeal this Provision. Our Ohio legislators, who are elected by us to represent us, do not seem to feel we are important enough to push for this repeal.

When Gov. Kasich wanted to do away with collective bargaining with the unions for all public employees the unions pulled together to defeat this bill. Why can’t these same unions rally to have this law repealed?

It would put cold hard cash in the hands of all future retirees, who in turn, would put the money back into the economy. I retired in 2011 with 17 years in public service and approximately 22 years in private sector paying into Social Security.

My Social Security benefits were reduced by approximately $400 a month. If you feel this law discriminates against public employees please forward to your representatives in Columbus.

Elizabeth Helms
Elyria, OH

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