Republicans Exploiting Class is Just Toxic

Republicans Exploiting Class is Just Toxic

To the Editor:
The article “Facts Show Republican Ticket Untrustworthy” completely blows me away with the egregious attempt to continue the thought absent rants of a progressive movement!

Yes we understand; an excuse can be made for all of the President’s shortcomings, that displaying dollar amounts instead of percentages will make the rich appear to be fleecing America, and that using coined terms in an opposition role of a candidate would make the common man dislike him.

This act of repackaging and exploiting class, race and income brackets to make political points is toxic and wrong. If your arguments addressed principal issues with the ticket I would be all ears, but this muck is almost intolerable.

Explain to me why its fine for the government to mandate I buy insurance, but that they have no right to dictate what an emergency room can charge me for a Band Aid…that is why neither side can hold water!

Adult diapers in aged care facilities cost $38-$65 per pair while a package of 20 at Target is $13. Talk about this and you may legitimize many other topics of conversation!

Hack G.
Tulsa, OK

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