Romney-Ryan is the Real Hope for Business

To the Editor:
When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan step into the White House, here are my predictions:

The corporate and business community will rally across America because Romney-Ryan will give them the one thing Barack Obama and Joe Biden did not give — hope. When you have hope in a new administration, that eliminates fear. Many business owners have been sitting on their funds and holding back on making new hires because they don’t trust Obama and they especially don’t trust his new health plan.

A ripple effect will be felt across America. Businesses will start hiring new people and run classified ads in newspapers inviting candidates for jobs to apply for those positions. They will begin to expand.

This will mean construction workers will be hired back to do the work. The new hires will begin to pay taxes and will get off Food Stamps programs and other federal benefits. And America will begin to bounce back from a terrible economy that has made American dollars vanish all over the country — and the world.

Rick Lanning
Springfield, MO

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