Why Asheville, NC Greenway Plan is Excessive

Why Asheville, NC Greenway Plan is Excessive

To the Editor:
The city has an ambitious project for greenways to span most of the areas streamsides. The debate has largely centered on private property owners’ rights versus public domain. But this misses the point.

The city, and its environmental consultants, espouse a greenway concept that essentially means sidewalks, mowed lawns, and widely spaced trees — like you might see in an urban park. This heavy handed approach to the outdoors is a shame.

  • It will waste money.
  • It will erode river banks, cause rivers to fill with silt, and be bad for fish.
  • It will eliminate wildlife habitat and cause birds, animals, and even butterflies to disappear.
  • It will destroy the beautiful wildflowers that right now are blooming along the river banks.
  • It will eliminate the very things people get out along the rivers to see.
  • It will stamp Asheville with the generic sameness that already afflicts wide swaths of our country due to urban sprawl.
  • Who needs greenways like this? Just put in sidewalks along our city streets and leave the riversides alone!

    Richard Lind
    Asheville, NC

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