Why Humiliation Won’t Reduce Crime

To the Editor:

Media Bias Goes Both Ways
Media Bias Goes Both Ways

If police blotters are used to deter crime, then why does America have one of the highest prison populations in the world?

Nothing corrects bad behavior more then humiliating human beings in their own communities, now some newspapers want to put the persons’ picture next their arrest write up. Really? I think we should bring back tar and feathering, it’s more humane (only kidding, please don’t think that would be a great idea).

From what I understand, Canada uses a police blotter but does not feel a need to disclose their citizens’ names. From what I hear Canada is doing just fine.

One day America will realize humiliation doesn’t work, never has, never will. I know this day will come because our younger generation hungers for change.

Marie S.
New Jersey

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