Why I’m Voting for the Only Real Candidate

To the Editor:
I am voting for the Ultimate Real Man and Scholar in this upcoming election. I am voting for a real man, who despite having his Presidency belittled and disrespected more than any other Presidency in the history of these United States, has stood strong and solid and beautiful.

To my rich brothers, your behavior is detestable. That you would put a strangle hold on your own country to keep one man with colored skin from succeeding, is the sadness of my lifetime.

I pray for your change of heart. You have hurt us, your own people, with pen in hand and scotch and soda in fist.

We, The People, if you close your eyes and listen to the candidates, what do you hear? This is a serious election because the users want to regain total control and keep us in the using game. Where have they sent their jobs? Are you or your childern better off now that your future has been outsourced to other countries?

Why do I have to talk to a Sprint representative in the Phillipines? What happened to Philadephia, Pennsylvania, and New York?

Which candidiate is trying to help The United States Of America regardless of what you think of him, and what help is he getting from those who say they are for you? Of course if the opponent wins, things will change rapidly.

The doors that have gridlocked will open like tree leaves in the wind. Why aren’t they open now? We say “We The People” but we are really “We The Puppets” in a very elaborate rich boy’s game.

Close your eyes and listen. Then open them and vote for the only real man of the people in this election. You know his name.

S.G. Lassiter

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