Why Obama Has Failed in Every Aspect

To the Editor:
Ah the liberal spin you gotta laugh. Let us set the record straight.

The stock market under George W. Bush stood at 14,400 and the Nasdaq at 4,000. Since Obama we are at 13,000 and the Nasdaq is at 2,000. Gasoline was $1.78 a gallon and now stands at over $4 a gallon here in California.

The job erosion is the worst in our history. Another 368,000 people left the workforce in August. All economic indicators are down. The war in Iraq is not over inasmuch as the country is heading into Islamic leadership thanks to our pulling out. The chaos in Afghanistan, which incidentally is Obama’s war, rages on.

The auto industry is not alive as Obama points out inasmuch as GM still owes more than $50 billion dollars and its stock hovers around $20 a share. We will never see a return on our money.

And let us not forget that he handed the company over to the union and totally disregarded the preferred shareholders. Incidentally they are outsourcing to China opening several new factories there. So much for our economy.

The healthcare act has succeeded in increasing insurance premiums for most but Obama conveniently ignores this fact. So before you go off and shout the kudos, take a breath and absorb the real facts.

Your president is a failure in every aspect. Time for a change.

Dan Lee

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