A Real President Demands, Not Asks

To the Editor:
I read an article in the Sun-Sentinel entitled, “The time for political games is over“.

The writer asks why the President of the United States is so concerned with what happens to a woman’s control of her body and gay marriages instead of the economy, foreign affairs and the productivity of the American people.

The main issue in this election should be what is going to happen in the future since the last four years of Obama have produced nothing.

A president/commander-in-chief should not ask for discipline in Congress, he should demand it. A president should not ask for budgets, he should demand it. In both the corporate and military life, discipline is a well-know factor for success and is embedded in their structure without regard to inheritance, race and creed.

And that is what Obama has failed in four years as president/commander-in-chief which needs to be changed in November 2012.

Semper Fi!
Richard Spiegel

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