Don’t Just Throw Tax Money at Businesses

To the Editor:

I’m continually saddened by stories such as Tuesday’s “Bar near Amway runs up $57K debt to taxpayers.” Certain businesses will fail and that we accept as an inherent risk to any market based capitalistic economy. We still applaud these individuals for their tenacity, drive, and determination during these intensely difficult economic times.

However, it’s not enough for city, or any municipal government, to throw taxpayer money at private enterprise in the form of grants, allowances, or incentives without ensuring availability and application of knowledge and business intelligence.

The great management theorist, Peter Drucker, and years later validated by Jim Collins, taught us that the most important resource is no longer land, labor, or capital. It is knowledge. Why is that so difficult to learn?

Business management skills can be acquired with relative ease through numerous worker training and mentoring programs throughout metropolitan Orlando. Such programs when structured as part of government incentives have enabled numerous small businesses that are marginal to become high performing.

Robert Goetz
Longwood, FL

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