We Must Stop Coddling Illegal Aliens

To the Editor:
I am of ethnic ancestry other than American Indian but I am also very, very American. I believe that this country was and is made great by the diversity of the people who have made this country theirs.

However allowing illegal aliens to access city, county and federal services through such proposals such as library cards that could be used as ID’s only perpetuates more illegal aliens to come in to the country illegally and why not we are just allowing them to break the law with little to no worries.

Could we go any other country, stay there illegally and get city services without any fear of deportation? If we go to any other country could our children born there become instant citizens?

We as a country need to stop coddling these illegal aliens and stop making instant citizens of their children. This of course will not stop them from crossing the borders but measures such as removing incentives for the illegal crossings would make these illegals think again before coming into this country illegally.

I am not of American Indian ancestry but my grandparents came here legally, became productive citizens and thus I now enjoy living in this great country. Stop, enough is enough.

Alan M.
Diamond Bar, CA

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