Blaming A Movie for Murder A Dangerous Road

To the Editor:

Some of the reporting on the events this week in Libya and Egypt are as troubling as the events themselves are tragic. No matter how offensive one believes speech to be, it is never a justification to commit violence. To say that an amateurish film is somehow incitement against the Muslim religion is not only wrong, but dangerous.

Since when is it ever justified to respond to name-calling with “sticks and stones”, violence and murder? I remind you and your readers that two wrongs never make a right. Let us not even give the slightest impression that the violence in Libya and Egypt can be explained or justified due to someone’s expression of free speech, as warped and ill advised as we may believe that speech to be.

Let us not redefine the term “incitement” merely on account of religious fanatics who believe that defending their faith comes about through violence, instead of through acts of charity and demonstrations of peace.

I encourage the media, Muslim religious leaders and all people of conscious to condemn the violence in no uncertain terms, and avoid even the perception of justifying the violence by creating some sort of perverse moral relativism.

Yosef W.

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