Obama Incompetent As Commander-In-Chief?

To the Editor:
I read an article in the Sun Sentinel titled GOP’s criticism unwarranted.

The article states that it is time for all Americans to come together and that this is no time for pointing fingers, playing the blame game and trying to scare political points.

For the last four years, all we heard was Bush and how he started the war in Iraq and how unpopular this war has stymied our growth.

Contrary to this criticism is that President Bush had authorization for this war and was successful in freeing Iraq from terrorism.

Obama, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge the word “terrorists” and prefers “enemy combatants” or “extremists.”

President Bush, General Petraeus and Gates admitted their initial failures in Iraq and solved the problems with the surge which was adopted later by Obama in Afghanistan.

Obama started his own war in Libya without authorization which has now exposed his incompetence as Commander-in-Chief which leaves him without excuses.

Semper Fi!

Richard Spiegel

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