Put Heroes, Not Nudity, on Page One

To the Editor:

Media Bias Goes Both Ways
Media Bias Goes Both Ways

Buying the New York Post today I was appalled when I saw the front page.

Since when does nude photos of Kate, take precedent over the returning caskets of four of our heroes from the Middle East who were murdered? was someone asleep at the Post wheel here, or maybe they packed a bag and went to campaign in Las Vegas?

Our heroes deserved to be remembered and the public needs to get a dose of reality here. Seeing it on the front page brings the emotion of the act front and center. The grief their families have to deal with cannot be imagined.

Wake up America, Nov 6 is judgement day for this country. Our four heroes deserve more than page 6 for giving up their lives for us.

Virginia W.
Warwick, RI

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