Romney’s Comments Showing No Character

To the Editor:

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

With the sudden attacks on our embassies I find it abhorrent that the Mitt Romney is using these terrible events for political gain.

Speaking against the President at this time plays into the hands of our enemies and places more Americans in dire jeopardy.

But then why would I expect Mr. Romney to ever do “the right thing” when it comes to the American people.

If he were truly a man of character, his statements should reflect the need to put aside political differences and show those that wish us harm, that we a strong and fearless people. But you will never hear such lofty ideals from this candidate.

Mr. Romney hungers in the extreme, to be president, even if it means putting Americans at home and abroad, in harm’s way.

Denise G.

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