Why We Need Romney: Peace Through Strength

To the Editor:
I do not understand why somebody said that Romney can’t handle Foreign Policy?

This statement demonstrate the unwillingness to see the true web of Obama’s manipulations in the Middle East and North Africa during the “Arab Spring”.

Moreover, all these machinations to help the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda to become major players in this area blew up in Obama’s face. What Obama was expecting? More facts are coming out that Obama and the State Department had information about coming attacks in Libya and did nothing.

Romney had a right to criticize the President for his policies in this area which really are unintended consequences. Nevertheless, Obama’s appeasement to the Muslims in this region was and is a pathetic course and must be reversed. Peace through strength is the only solution.

Considering all the above, the letter from Mr. Roy P. from Scottsdale, AZ is really baseless.

Hubert P.
Douglasville, GA

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