Reporters: Just Stick to the Facts Please

To the Editor:Newspapers
I am so disgusted with the mainstream liberal American press. They ignore the information coming out that the Administration was warned about the Libya attacks three days before it occurred.

It is NOT the responsibility of the press to give us their opinions on real news. This must stop!

Why have journalists’ standards degraded to the point that the American people only hear the opinions of those supposedly reporting the news?

Why are stories ignored that reflect badly on the current Administration and yet the press acts like ravenous wolves around those people they wish to destroy?

With so much important news happening around the world today, the public should demand that major press organizations report stories and supply factual information to back them up.

If they don’t, then the public should not buy their newspapers, magazines, or subscribe to their internet web sites. We, the public, have the right to put them out of business.

Kim H.
Panama City, FL

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