Hey Romney, Meet My ‘Lazy’ Dad

Hey Romney, Meet My ‘Lazy’ Dad

To the Editor:

So Mitt Romney was referring to me and my family with those comments he made about the 47% of Americans.

Do I owe Mr. Romney an apology because I have federal loans helping me pay for my college education?

Should my dad apologize for losing his job in 2007 and therefore can’t help pay for my full $47,000 education?

When Mitt Romney insults my father by calling him a “victim” and “lazy,” does he know that my father works 7 days a week, 12 hours a day selling cars to make sure he pays my college tuition on time each semester?

Does he know my dad has given up everything for me since the recession hit so that I can graduate with a college degree in my hand?

I don’t think Mitt Romney understands what it takes to sacrifice
everything you have to put your three daughters through college like my dad does.

I don’t think Mitt Romney understands that my father is not lazy and he is not a victim.

My dad is a fighter. He takes care of my grandfather, pays his taxes on time, has put my two older sisters through college and is still paying for me to go to college.

My dad wakes up at 6 a.m. for seven days a week to sell cars and make money so he can stay on top of his bills and expenses.

My dad isn’t voting for President Obama to get handouts from the government. He’s voting for President Obama because President Obama is fighting for people like my father, who deserve tax breaks and deserve jobs created for people of the middle class.

My dad knows President Obama understands his situation and will do whatever it takes to make his life a little easier. My dad knows President Obama is looking out for students like me in making college more affordable, putting more jobs back into the economy, and making sure people my age have health care until we’re 26.

So Mitt Romney, before you go judging and insulting people like my dad, then maybe you should look at the lives some Americans are living to help put food on the table, or pay a monthly bill, or pay for their daughter’s private college education.

This election, my father and I are supporting Barack Obama because he cares about us and understands us. As a student, woman, and middle class American, my future depends on making sure President Obama is back in office.

Kristin Z.

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