Hard Times Ahead, Support Marines

Letter to the Editor:

There you stand, my brother, alone and resolute, the symbol of our nation and its people.

You carry upon your shoulders a proud history back to the nation’s birth. From the raising of our flag at Derna, Tripoli, to defending the walls in the Boxer Rebellion at Peking, you have always accepted the responsibility to protect American citizens in troubled areas.

Though they, the uneducated, unlearned, know precious little of you, when called upon to defend, you have always responded with valiant courage.

In the troubled days that lie ahead with embassy walls burning and explosives firing, it is without a doubt your uncommon valor will be ever resolute.

For it is more than mere words that you abide by. It is engraved upon your very soul – duty, honor, and country. Thank you, my fellow Marine security guards.

Semper Fidelis
Bill Moylan
Weatherford, TX

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