Is Our Election Really Setting a Worldwide Example?

Is Our Election Really Setting a Worldwide Example?

Letter to the Editor:

The election process right here in the US is currently one of the worst in the world because “financial corruption” and “voter suppression” threatens American democracy.

Mitt Romney is being financed by the ultra-rich, to whom he will be indebted if elected. Romney will uphold tax laws to protect their wealth and protect their business interests. He will be obliged to restrict or relax government regulations on polluting the environment, among other such favors.

In June 2012, the Supreme Court made a grave error when it re-affirmed Citizens United, a law which allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose a candidate and disclosure of donors is not required. This law makes it all too possible for the ultra-rich to buy elections in order to promote their agenda and only serves to foster “corruption.”

Approximately, six billion dollars will be raised this year by all Presidential, Senate and House campaigns.

In the last two years, new laws passed by Republicans in key battleground states, were political tactics done so with the sole intention of suppressing the votes of as many Democrats as possible. Americans who have voted all their lives may not vote in this election.

Voter suppression laws go against everything we stand for as Americans. The right to vote in a democracy is the very same ideology for which we have shed blood and strove to promote in every country in the world.

What example are we setting for countries, particularly those who are in the midst of political turmoil and to whom we have preached to do what we practice, as they watch this election and become aware of the corruption sweeping this great country, by and large, a product of the Republican Party whose objective is to win at any cost?

Rebecca Gautreaux
Pompano Beach, FL

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