Let’s Get a National Mission Statement

Letter to the Editor:
Our National Purpose – When President Kennedy first announced our national goal–although he didn’t live to see its accomplishment–the landing of a man on the moon within the decade, Neil Armstrong had no idea he would be the fulfillment of that goal on July 20, 1969.

As far as a goal goes, it was great. It was specific and measurable and stated. Since then NASA, and America as a whole, seems to have lost its way.

What we need today is a National purpose; what corporations call a “Mission Statement,” something to inspire the citizenry to know its reason for existence and to give direction for its efforts.

Our nation was founded on the principles of freedom. Freedom to worship, work, and weal. This last word is forgotten in today’s culture, but it refers to private property ownership, entrepreneurship and free enterprise.

If I were to write a national purpose for our country it would be something that would incorporate these ideals. It would be specific, measurable and articulated to accomplish the “how-to’s” of returning Americans to these original founding principles.

Although I am not named Joe, and know nothing of plumbing, I do have an opinion and vote. The first man who states this purpose will win my vote and probably the election.

Alan S.

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