Time for Students to Take Responsibility

Letters to the Editor:Education
While it is true the teaching profession has its significant share of bad teachers, union domination, job guarantees as almost no other fields have, it infuriates me that the whole focus is about fixing the teaching side.

When is the world going to wake up the massive deficit in the student population. As a group, they have become a groups that does the least they can to get buy, do not put in the work they need to, are not challenged by their parents etc.

Have you ever seen a college class where the students ask questions of the professor as to, what is going to be on the test? What type of questions will there be, ask for a review of the areas to study for the test, etc etc. It is ridiculous.

The student’s job is to learn the subject Does this country really think that the teachers in Korea or Japan or China or United Kingdom, or Sweden are smarter or are better teachers? NO!

But you had better believe that more is demanded of students, required of students by all the participants in education: Parents, Teachers, Society.

Wake up America. I am not a teacher and do believe that that teaching profession needs an overhaul, but students need a wake up call! It should be at the top of their list of things to do.

Jeff A.

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