Where’s Bloomberg on Unhealthy NYC Dump Plan?

Letter to the Editor:
Mayor Bloomberg thinks himself New York’s public health mayor, banning extra large sugary drinks, as well as smoking and trans fats in restaurants, and requiring participating hospitals to document every bottle of formula a newborn receives.

Assuming these efforts have a positive health effect, how can Bloomberg build a ten-story marine garbage transport station abutting Asphalt Green, per acre the city’s most used park?

Twenty-four hours a day, 6 days a week city and private-hauler garbage trucks will clog streets and more importantly the ramp cutting through the middle of Asphalt Green.

Idling in queues, these trucks will spread dust, smoke and carbon emissions, not to mention diseases carried by vermin and birds feeding on trash. New Yorkers might allow their children Slurpees, but would never allow them to play on an open field mere yards from the idling trucks and garbage dump.

Mark P.
New York, NY

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