Ugly Picture if Romney and Ryan Win

To the Editor:Romney-Ryan
Should Romney and Ryan (R&R) win the election in November, based on Romney’s own comments in recent debates, the first thing he will do is declare war on Iran (and possibly Syria as well). Secondly, defense spending and the national debt will skyrocket. Our S&P credit rating will drop to junk status.

Additionally, if the Republicans also take the Congress not one word will be said about the deficit and the debt until the next Democratic president comes in to clean up the mess whereupon he/she will be labeled a tax and spend liberal who ran up the debt.

In the meantime it will become a national necessity to gut Social Security, Medicare, and eliminate the EPA, while the Affordable Care Act is axed.

Romney and Ryan will declare themselves patriots who have saved the country.

Be ready.

Stephen W. Hartman
Smithtown, NY

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