Farewell to AARP After Ryan Treatment

Letter to the Editor:
When I took out a membership in AARP I was very misinformed about the makeup of the organization.

When I saw how AARP interjected itself into the problems we face in my home state of Rhode Island, I finally looked a little closer.

I was truly disappointed to find out as I looked more closely at where AARP puts its money and support, that it is by no means an “apolitical” organization. I cannot pay a membership to an organization that supports any and all pro-Union, pro-Democrat, stands on all issues with a completely negative bias regarding any conservative views.

I realize your supporters will have total disregard for anyone who feels this way ( I saw on the news the way the Republican speaker was treated at a recent event). So I will unsubscribe.

My real concern is that you market yourself as an organization open to and supportive of all older citizens…nothing could be further from the truth.

J. M.
Rhode Island

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