How Obama is Hoodwinking All Of Us

How Obama is Hoodwinking All Of Us

Letter to the Editor:
I’m trying to understand a few things in regards to the current election. Let me start off by saying that I’m a fierce independent and refuse to follow one party or another’s terms in order to be a part of their club and therefore have no alliance when it comes to voting.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why is it that Obama is so eager to attack Romney’s wealth? Romney made $14M last year, good for him. His hard work is still paying off.

Last year Obama made over $800K. That’s a lot more than your average Joe makes, me included. In 2010 Obama made $1.7M and in 2009 over $5M.

Isn’t this a little hypocritical, one rich guy calling the other guy rich and trying to get everyone to make fun of him at recess when the teacher isn’t watching?

I don’t know people, I have the feeling that we’re being hoodwinked by one of the best con artists in the business, and if you elect him back in office for another four years you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Romney’s not perfect, not by a long shot and I do wish we had someone to vote for that could all have a good feeling about.

I guess I just feel that Obama attacking Romney for being rich is mean spirited and unjust. Obama is a millionaire too. Who wants a president with that type of mentality?

How can Obama say that America is the land of opportunity and if you work hard you can achieve your dreams/goals and be who you want to be-and then turn right around and attack Romney for achieving his goals and being successful?

Shawn D.
Baltimore, MD

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