Iowa Hawkeyes Football: What Happened?

Letter to the Editor:
Our Iowa Hawkeye football program has been going downhill in recent times. I see it headed for a decade or more of losing, like it was for so many years before the upturn. What on earth happened?

Why can’t we be at least competitive year after year? I went to the Minnesota game last year and the realization hit me. I used to be so proud.

I live in the Twin Cities. The Gophers are on the rise. and will stay there. They will beat us nest week. Meanwhile, we will be a loser for years to come, ;like the o;d days. My interest is gone, tune me our. I am sure we will be back, though, in ten or fifteen years.

Basketball? Forget it. All we have now is Wrestling, but it,too, is tapering off.

Well, back to the future. Minnesota 40 Iowa fights. just like my student days. Sad. but it was uplifting being a national power for those years. I envy the traditional power programs, a real blessing for their students and followers

Ted S.
St. Paul, MN

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