IPhone5: Reasons I’m Not Buying Hype

Letter To the Editor:

I’m an early-adopting gadget guy and iPhone 4s owner. But like many others I saw all the iPhone5 hype yet again this week, with the salivating media types doing their obligatory live shots outside the Apple store of their broadcast areas, without any balance to the coverage.

So to counteract some of the hype, here ar five reasons I’m not buying into the iPhone5 yet.

1) The IPhone 4.
How quickly we all forget the problems with the heating and battery life that immediately surfaced with the iPhone 4 launch. Take it from someone who knows: You let the major product release burn in first so they can work out the kinks. Never, for example, buy a new car in its first model year.

2) The new Lightning charging cord.
OK, I get it. Technology has to advance. but to charge $30 for an adapter plug that you know is less than $3 to mass produce is just plain price-gouging. I’ll wait for the knock-offs to surface.

3) The iPhone5 claims to fame just aren’t worthy.
Great, it’s lighter and with a bigger screen and better battery. Not enough to upgrade from the latest iPhone 4s, is it?

4) The competition.
Ok, even the most avid Apple fans have to conceded that the Samsung full-frontal assault in functionality vs. the iPhone is compelling. Samsung has a product that does much of the same — all with a standard USB port to boot.
Of course, they may have to pay $1.7B in fines if Apple’s latest filing is approved, but as a consumer, that’s not my worry right now.

5) The upgrade madness.
I’m surprised that many in the media don’t get that much of the hype of the iPhone 5 is coming from iPhone 4 users stuck with a poor model to begin with, and found it was too expensive to upgrade to the iPhone4S. So they’ve been waiting while holding a somewhat inferior product.

Count me in for the iPhone5s model that fixes everything wrong with the iPhone5!
James C
Cambridge MA

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