Romney 60 Minutes Interview Reaction

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BOSTON, MA Sept. 23 2012– Webwide reaction to Mitt Romney’s 60 Minutes interview ranged from “Romney called it as he saw it” to “how do we know Romney is lying? His mouth is moving” on message boards across the web.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Saying he and the President agree that the election offers “a very clear choice for the American people,” Romney pitched his ideas for a smaller government while saying president wants “a larger and larger government with trillion dollar deficits that means more government for everyone.”

“There’s no question that Washington is broken and I happen to think that flows from the President,” Romney said, adding that he was the governor of a state with more than 80 percent of the legislature is made up of Democrats.

One web commenter points out to the L.A. Times that Romney claimed Obama had a “super majority”, something that never happened. “It’s a sad day when Mitt Romney can state an outright lie on a well respected show like “60 Minutes” directly to Anchor Scott Pelley, and it went unchallenged and uncorrected.”

Romney said his plans in contrast would make government smaller and “rebuild the foundation of American strength,” adding that “government should be a “facilitator of freedom in America,” he said, while not taking away any rights.

When pressed about charges that he flip-flops on issues, he said he sticks to the core “principles I’ve had from beginning of political life” but if you don’t learn from experience or don’t learn from mistakes, you ought to be fired.”

“There’s no question that Washington is broken and I happen to think that flows from the President,” Romney said, adding that he was the Republican governor of a state where more than 80 percent of the legislature was made up of Democrats.

Romney defended his 14% tax rate on his $20 million income from investments by saying the capital on investments has already been taxed once as part of corporate taxes.

When pressed for specifics, Romney told 60 Minutes reporter Scott Pelley: “The devil in the details – angel in the policy, which is creating more jobs.”

Specfically, Romney would not go forward with Obamacare and would return federal programs such as Medicaid and housing vouchers back to the purview of states, with increases limited to the rate of inflation to curb overall expansion.

Capping a week that ended with polls showing he is trailing in all key swing states, Romney insisted his campaign “doesn’t need a turnaround,” and is “very effective.” Romney admitted to CBS reporter Scott Pelley that he doesn’t always speak with elegance but said when it comes to the election, “I think I’m going to win.”

Reader Tony Marshall said he thought the release of Romney’s tax returns only raises more questions:
“How much income does his reportedly $100 million IRA earn? All this income may be legally non-taxable, but one question remains. With relatively meager contribution limits to IRAs, how did Gov. Romney legally amass $100 million in his IRA?”

And meanwhile, reader Glenn Hubbard wonders when we’ll be seeing an apology from Sen. Harry Reid for claiming that Romney paid no taxes:

“Now that Mitt Romney has released more tax returns, Reid, the Senate‚Äôs arch-superhypocrite dirtbag, can get to apologizing like his Mormon faith demands.”

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