Are You Being Naive About Romney’s Taxes?

Letters to the Editor:
Is anyone out there really naive enough to believe that Mr. Mitt Romney is going to increase his Federal tax liability from the 14.1% that he paid in 2011 to 43.4% in 2013 as is scheduled to happen in January 2013?

Mr. Romney has sent, at least, $102,790 to foreign countries in taxes. That is a multiple of what the average family in the United State lives on in a year! Are we to applaud Mr. Romney for his forbearance of an income tax deduction for charitable contributions because that would have further reduced his federal tax to under the 13% he “claims” that he paid as a minimum for the past ten years?

Yes, Mr. Romney has taken advantage of every loophole created by the George Bush era (or should I say “error”). He also has used a fantasy called a “carried interest” which is being investigated and is not specifically found anywhere in the Internal Revenue Code.

Even his running mate Mr. Ryan paid 20% in income taxes. Mr. Romney, in addition to his tax return released a doctor’s letter stating that he is healthy and fit to meet the demands of serving in the White House.

How about the intellectual capacity and lack of arrogance the position requires?

Should his doctor have commented on that or Mr. Romney’s absurd position on women’s rights ? We have several weeks to see the future. Let us pray we make the right decision.

Jeff Lasky

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