California Prop. 30 Just Squanders More Money

California Prop. 30 Just Squanders More Money

Letter to the Editor:
California Gov. Gerry Brown is visiting the UC campuses trying to get the students to support Prop 30.

This is a form of blackmail to get the proposition passed, but where will the money go? Not to the schools.

The legislature lies to us with smoke-and-mirror budgets just to save their pay. The parks commission was on the verge of shutting down and then finds over $50 million they didn’t even know they had, proving they are not competent to manage the parks business.

The democrats control the legislature but the few republicans sell them their votes to get favor on cushy jobs when they get voted or termed out.
This does not promote any confidence in their ability to properly handle more tax dollars.

It becomes more obvious that any money the legislature or senate gets from Prop 30 or any other source will be squandered as usual.


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