Ex-RAF Pilot: Get Out of Afghanistan Now

Ex-RAF Pilot: Get Out of Afghanistan Now

Letter To the Editor:
I was delighted to read Lt, Col. Dean’s views in the Tampa Bay Times on the tragic waste of life/limb and millions of dollars.

I support the colonel’s views, namely that we are wasting millions of dollars and, more importantly, precious lives, in a worthless cause.

I was recently in UK and some good friends had saved me two, one-hour BBC programs on the futility of trying to achieve anything in this essentially tribal country.

The first hour depicted the failure of the Brits to settle in Kabul in the mid 1800s, which eventually ended in almost complete annihilation of their forces. That was understandable in those days of primitive weapons, but the Russians’ attempt to subjugate in the 1980s, with all of their sophisticated weaponry, ended in similar failure.

The programs were the inspiration of a British MP who had previously served time as a captain in the UK army, with some years spent in Iraq. At the end of the Russian program, an officer, who survived the failed invasion, was asked what NATO should do — his comments were succinct: “get out now!”

There is futility in trying to combat an unknown enemy, such as happened in Vietnam, another useless war, which cost the United States more than 60,000 casualties. Did we learn nothing from that tragic encounter? If you have any doubts about the futility of that war, please read the late David Halberstam’s book; “The Best and Brightest”

So President Obama, who I support in all other causes, please get or troops out now and you will walk into the White House in November.

T. Syme
Former Royal Air Force Fighter Pilot
New Port Richey, FL

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