Obamas Want Perks More than Presidency

To the Editor:
It seems that President and Mrs. Obama are more interested in residing in the White House as the first couple and receiving all the perks of the Presidency than taking care of our country and the many problems facing our economy.

Mrs. Obama sees to be more interested in buying $6,000 dresses and $1,500 tennis shoes to wear to a homeless shelter and go on buying sprees with her daughters to Paris than helping her husband get our country back on its feet.

President Obama keeps referring to the Bush administration for his problems, but in four years has done very little to help the people find jobs, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and stand up to other countries as the world leader of democracy.

He stated during an interview that during his quite time he would sit on his balcony and enjoy the view.

He went on a daytime TV show instead of attending to business at the United Nations where America was being bashed by Iran and Syria.

Gov. Rommey said during his quite time he prayed and that he prayed for wisdom and understanding! Now that is presidential!

Joyce D.
Mesa, AZ

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