The Real Threat: Fukushima’s Teetering Nuclear Rods

Letter To The Editor:
While both presidenntial candidates want to impress voters with their tough-on-terror stance, neither has mentioned a looming terror coming not from the Mideast but from the shores of one of our closes allies, Japan.

I refer to Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear power plant that was hit by the couble whammy of an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

But isn’t that under control? A thing of the past?

Sadly, no.

Fukushima’s Reactor No 4 building was shattered by a hydrogen explosion and teeters on the brink of collapse.

It contains 1,535 spent fuel rod assemblies, cooled by a pool of water several stories off the ground. Should this building be toppled by an earthquake, an enormous amount of raeioaactivity would be released and picked up by ocean and air currents headed for North America.

Scientists say another major earthquake is inevitable.

So why don’t we know about this? In a word, money. The nuclear power industry gives generously to politicians, and candidates who gladly pose as John Wayne in response to nonexistent bombs in Iran turn into total wimpos when it comes to protecting us from a very real danger.

Shame on both their houses.

Jackie B.
Sebastopol, CA

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