We Gave Obama His Chance: Time to Go

Letter to the Editor:
I have taken all that I can take of the fatuosity of those who blindly support Obama.

It is more than obvious that they know nothing of his background, his mentors or his true idology. I am more than angry with the media for supressing this information.

Obama has done nothing but make promises for change. In 2008 some of my “friends” said “give him a chance”. Well, he has had that chance and has done nothing in four years, now he claims he can do it if we give him another four years. Wake up America!

Research his past, ask who is Bill Ayers, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Frank Marshall Davis and of course, Jeremiah Wright.

And when and if you do it and you still support him and he becomes reelected, then goodbye America as we know it.

Dennis T. Trosky

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