Why I’m Voting Romney: Freedom vs. Freeloaders

Letters to the Editor:
This is the first election in which I have ever voted where the choice will be between freedom and socialism for the United States. It looks like a majority of freeloaders and the greedy unions in this country may be ready to hand it to the World Communist Order on a silver platter.

I don’t mind telling you that when I think of this election, it scares me more than anything we are going to lose our country to a corrupt dictatorship.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the intelligence, ability, and desire to save this country. Please let them. They are good, honest, Christian men and will spend their time straightening out the mess that Obama has made. They will not fall back on “I inherited this mess” and blame the Obama administration. They will fix this mess!

If Barrack Hussein Obama comes out on top in the evening of Nov 6 or the early morning of Nov 7, you will be living in a bankrupt, atheistic, socialist state by 2016, run by an individual who has no use for our Constitution, no use for freedom and democracy, no use for the truth, no morality, no use for the United States of America, and you can say good bye forever to the home we loved so much.

It’s almost gone now. This will be your last chance to save it. Please don’t let this happen.

Bill and Hillary look like utter fools for backing Obama. Both of them have lost the respect of many of us who have left the Democratic party due to radicals taking it over.

This administration is more concerned with protecting Muslims and radicals Islamists than they are about the American people. Obama helped to usher in these new radical regimes in the Middle East with a complicit lamebrain media clamoring for an Arab Spring of democracy.

If any of these idiots ever studied Middle East history they would have realized that there will never be Democracy in these countries.

Get them all out this November before Obama destroys this country even further. As for Hillary, she should have refused the Secretary of State offer because you have ruined your chance in 2016..

The murder of our Ambassador is the result of Hillary’s incompetence and Obama’s too. It would be nice if the lies would stop!

I would get my mouth washed out with soap when I was young for telling a lie! Now a lie is considered the warped truth.

Sally B.
Naples, FL

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