Michigan Proposal 2: Don’t Believe Shadowy Ads

Letter to the Editor:
Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution’s latest ad lies to attack Proposal 2. The ad claims Proposal 2 will block schools from removing employees with ciminal backgrounds and remove safety standards fro school bus drivers.

All teachers/bus drivers, public school employees receive background checks conducted by the Michigan State Police and the FBI. Proposal 2 doesn’t change that!!

The claim that Proposal 2 would eliminiate safety standards for school bus drivers has already been proven to be a lie.

The truth is collective bargaining gives teachers a voice to negotiate for smaller class sizes to better educate our children, time to complete training required by law and input on policies that affect students.

Voters should not be fooled by false ads by shadowy front groups.

For more information PLEASE visit www.protectworkingfamilies.com

Holt, MI

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