Why I May Have to Leave U.S. to Get Health Care

Why I May Have to Leave U.S. to Get Health Care

Letter to the Editor:
We have recently moved to South Florida after years of living in Mexico and four European countries as well as having traveled to a significant number of countries where, on occasion, I have had to have medical attention.

In all instances I was welcomed as a patient, paying out of pocket and sending the bill to my insurance company for reimbursement. On two recent occasions here in South Florida I have been refused appointments with physicians who do not take my health insurance, a so-called cadillac plan, and have been refused even though I offered to self-pay.

The latest incident occurred with the practice of five cardiologists, all of whom refused to take me as a patient. My gynecologist does not take my health insurance but he has taken me as a self-pay patient so I know this is possible. This policy is insulting, frustrating and discriminatory.

How can there be so much criticism of the Affordable Care Act when these types of policies are practiced by the medical profession and insurance companies? Having returned home in my “golden” years, will I have to leave the United States again in order to be assured of medical care?

Susan A.
Boca Raton, FL

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