Debate Showed Manager vs. Politician

Letters to the Editor:
Last night I watched a manager opposing a politician. The manager knows the need to balance the budget; the politician only knows promises, more often than not, ones he can’t keep.

The manager knows the need to offer projects that can be afforded and do good; the politician has no idea how to fund a project, it only matters if it sounds good.

The manager knows the budget cannot be balanced without some tax increases and large government reductions in spending. The politician knows only grand vistas like Obamacare that the useful idiots will follow unaware that it is financially incapable. It only matters if he can borrow the funds from the populace without them knowing it.

This is the most important election in our lives, and the lives of our children; we choose between a representaive constitution and a socialist on the way to dictatorship.

Vote your choice but vote — the failure to vote is a sure voter for socialism on the way to dictatorship.

Warren P.
Alamance, NC

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