Regardless of Election, Policies Won’t Change

Letter to the Editor:

Dr. Carroll Quigley studied the publications and secret papers of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for two years before writing his book, Tragedy and Hope, in which he described the “perfect” U.S. government as one where both political parties had the same or similar policies.

Then, the people could throw out the party in power when they tired of them, and put in the other party. Major programs and spending of the previous administration, however, would be continued.

Quigley’s teachings so impressed freshman Bill Clinton that he mentioned him by name in his inauguration address. Your readers can read Quigley’s 1,359-page book, or get the gist of it from W. Cleon Skousen’s review and commentary, The Naked Capitalist, in only 144 pages.

Why is Quigley’s book so important? Why is Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist must reading? If you don’t understand the problem, you may not recognize the solution.

The hierarchies of the Republican and Democratic parties are about to offer Americans the first election as dreamed of by Quigley. If we throw out Socialist Obama, the replacement will be Socialist Romney. Policy will not change. RomneyCare will replace ObamaCare.

The waste of precious blood and treasure on foreign entanglements that are none of our business will continue. Taxes and spending will increase — just a little slower. Government regulations will explode when the EPA implements greenhouse gas emission requirements that will shut down many of Ohio’s coal-fired electricity generation facilities. The cost of electricity will skyrocket!

Our fiat monetary system will continue to operate with an un-audited Federal Reserve in charge, printing more worthless paper dollars. That will cause runaway inflation, repudiation of the dollar, and/or bankruptcy.

Some tinkering with programs and spending may occur, but not the policy changes necessary to extricate our country from the regulatory and financial quagmire produced by the present socialist policies.

Quigley’s ghost is laughing — hysterically.

Al K.
Fairborn, OH

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