Romney Won — If You Have Amnesia

Romney Won — If You Have Amnesia

Letter to the Editor:
Gov. Romney won last night’s debate, according to observers. The only condition required to give the debate to Romney was amnesia: you had to ignore or disregard everything he had said before the debate and not remember any US history.

He only won given amnesia because you had to forget that President Obama had worked with Republicans, reached deals, then Boehner went back on the deal because the Tea Party members of Congress would not accept half a pie: they wanted the whole pie.

I say you needed amnesia so that you would not remember what the time periods with the lowest tax rates since 1915 produced: the Great Depression, the recession at the end of President GHW Bush’s presidency, and the Great Recession.

I say amnesia because you had to forget what Governor Romney had proposed and said during the preceding 16 months of this election cycle. If you only remembered or believed what Governor Romney said last night, he won the debate.

Chris R.
Covington, GA

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