How Ryan Ignores Separation of Church and State

Letter to the Editor:
In the debate on Thursday, Paul Ryan said that his Catholic religion would affect his policies. I was amazed that the commentators did not pay any attentions to those statements.

No one seemed to give any thought to the fact that he came out and said his beliefs and sense of morality could not be separated from his actions. Many years before, another Catholic ran for President and was able to convince the American people that in spite of his beliefs, he would be able to separate religion from politics. At that time, an American population felt it was important. They did not want their President to be beholden to Rome and possibly affect the U. S. Government policies.

Because John Kennedy was able to put their fears to rest, he became the first Catholic president of the United States.

Now in an open debate, a candidate for office was able to say his politics would be controlled by his religious beliefs. Shouldn’t this statement disqualify him from being a hair’s breath away from being the President, If Mitt Romney is elected?

What has changed since America was concerned that anyone with strong Catholic beliefs might be a threat to this nation. The potential vice-president openly admitted that his religious conviction would affect his policies and it would be immoral to act in any other manner. Does this mean that we feel that the separation of church and state is no longer important or that we have forgotten how a dominant religion can affect the lives of other in the minority?

Joe Biden answered that when he said his strong religious beliefs would not stop him from realizing that his beliefs should not affect others in this country that do not believe the way he does. The fact that no one showed any concern for what Ryan said should make us cringe.

Years ago that statement alone would have disqualified Paul Ryan from being chosen as a candidate. It certainly should make people think about electing Mitt Romney.

At one time the Separation of Church and State was one of the most important pillars of our constitution. If we give up on that principle, then extremists are winning a very important battle.

Marilyn G.
Lake Worth, FL

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