Obama Has Delivered Neither Hope Nor Change

Letter to the Editor:
The historic election of Barack Obama seemed inevitable after the spectacular oratory in Denver four years ago where he accepted the Democratic nomination for the Presidency.

The recent debate at the University of Denver may turn out to be the start of the demise of President Obama. His presidency has been noted for massive stimulus spending by our Federal Government and a massive government intrusion into our health care with Obamacare.

Promising hope and change, he has given us neither. Our economy is stagnating, and the specter of more terrorist violence in the Middle East and even cyber attacks in our own country by these same enemies is what we can expect from four more years of an Obama Presidency. There are very few business leaders who will stand up publicly and support this President.

As a small businessman in the Durango, Colorado area, I cannot think of any solid reason that would make me vote for Barack Obama. Colorado voters, please join me and many others in giving the Romney-Ryan ticket the opportunity to bring real hope and jobs to our nation.

Don B.
Durango, CO

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