Solution: Show Debates Again Fact-Check Voiceover

Letters to the Editor:
Since the presidential and vice presidential debates are full of “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” why not run the televised debates twice, the second time with a fact check voiceover. It would work rather like movie DVDs that allow you to view a film first in the regular way, and then with a voiceover of actors, producers, and others, commenting on the film’s content, how it was made, etc.

This treatment of the debates would be unlike commentators chatting afterward, cherry picking the segments they want to commend or blast, but a blow by blow or line by line commentary about each statement that might be called into question. It would have to be done by some fairly nonpartisan group, say the League of Women Voters or, or some combo of arguably even handed individuals.

Perhaps if this were done we could get some reality back into politics.

Victoria C.
Brooklyn, NY

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