Why I Give Lance Armstrong a Pass

Letter to the Editor:
Lance Armstrong was part of a culture in cycling based on continually increasing performance. No different than how we the American public embraced and supported the steroid era in baseball.

How can any individual ride almost 3,000 miles at breakneck pace and get up each day and repeat the same level of effort? I am tired for days after a 30 mile ride. However, Armstrong still rode up those mountains against the same people that were doing the same things as he did. The playing field was level.

In my opinion the USADA is incompetent and should be disbanded for wasting taxpayer money on has been athletes and master level triathletes. I could care less and here’s why. Armstrong was not caught during this period, and this reflects poor processing and quality control on behalf of the UCI and USADA. They did not have their ducks in a row. The same people that testified against Armstrong are of equal guilt but have been granted immunity and still get to compete? What is being accomplished by USADA? The races are long past and are of no significant relevance in today’s world.

Further, How can any Olympic level athlete have confidence in the testing process when the focus is on maintaining the validity of its own organization. Testing and policy should be left up to the individual organizations at the athletes expense.

Finally, Armstrong has done more to help humanity than anyone before him. Name one politician or public figure that has done more to help people than Armstrong. He has helped raise almost one half billion dollars for cancer research. That is something that no one can take away.

In my book he gets a pass.

Daniel Maloney

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