Why I Hope Independent Voters Step Up

Letter to the Editor:
Listen up you independent voters. The election depends upon you. Here all of us conservatives and liberals agonize over every step of the campaign while you independent people go on about your lives and in the end decide for all of us the answers we so fervently troubled over.

You might like to know that this election is more important than most. The liberal Democrats are hoping you decide to vote for their candidate based largely upon abortion rights for women. You need to know that nobody is about to outlaw abortions because the vast majority of people know that Roe VS Wade was a correct decision. The rest of the Democrat record for the last few years is nothing to be proud of. You know from your personal experiences that things in this country are deteriorating. The liberals are correct about abortions, but abortions should be a non-issue for this election.

You are probably as disgusted with the bible thumpers in the Republican Party, as I am. The religious far right politicians are a one issue group who are extremely strident, and would have you believe they are speaking for the entire party. They are not.

The important issue in this campaign is whether we are going to continue down the road to socialism or not. Obama is a socialist, liberal politician. His every action shows him to be ready and able to replace the concept of our Thomas Jefferson inspired republic that encourages individual initiative with a socialist, re-distribute the wealth, big BIG government.

The trillions of dollars of debt we are amassing under Obama is going to destroy the economics for our children and grand children. It will be a shame that our children will be unable to have the same or a better standard of living than we have had.

You independent voters need to realize that you have a (perhaps unwanted) responsibility to the young people of America.

Jack Fish
Golden, CO

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