Alternative to Assad? Terrorists

Alternative to Assad? Terrorists

To the Editor:
US involvement in Syria will be a disaster for everyone involved; it is bad for US, bad for the majority of Syrians including Christians, and for Israel.

I do not know who told the West and Obama that Assad has no support inside Syria. Mubarak warned the US that the alternative is the brotherhood, and nobody listened. The brotherhood is so intent on keeping dictatorial power that it is cutting train service to Cairo so people cannot converge on Cairo to participate in demonstrations against Morsey on June 30.

Morsey is threatening war against Ethiopia to divert public anger against his regime, and sending Jihadists to Syria!

Mark my words, the alternatives to Assad are the Terrorists.

Mark my words, the alternatives to Assad are the Terrorists.

Their next target will be Jordan and Lebanon. Israel will then be surrounded by them from all directions and they will fight Israel. Israel nuclear weapons and airplanes will not be a deterrent to these terrorists as we found out in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US and the West will deeply regret their involvement, besides I do not want my money be spent on futile wars that does not threaten us.

We need to cut our defense budget
and invest in our country, our children, and our future. The wise choice is to push for peace, amnesty for the opposition (the good guys), and elections under UN supervision.

To ask Assad to step down and relinquish power to the terrorists (who kidnapped to Bishops from the Orthodox Church of Syria) is crazy! Iā€™m going to give a copy of this comment to my children for historical reference and for future indictment of the leaders who made the bad decisions and never learned from history.

Load Angeles, Ca

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